In each edition of the Freediving League (except the final one, i.e. Deepspot Challenge), competitors will take part in 2 competitions of 3 types (classic, rescue, slow).

In the “slow” and “classic” competitions, where the goal is to achieve the longest possible time and/or depth, positive points (pkt+) are awarded for each meter and/or each second.

In “rescue” competitions, where the goal is to complete the task in the shortest possible time, negative points (pt-) are awarded for each second.

1st Edition – 12.04.2024

Deep Dive (classic)

Statics (classic)

2nd Edition – 12.07.2024

Dynamic static (slow)

Underwater blackout (rescue)

3rd Edition – 11.10.2024

Deep Dive (classic)

Casualty and ballast (rescue)

4th Edition – 10.01.2025

Challenge 15m (slow)

DNF/DYN/DBF (classic).

5th Edition: Deepspot Challenge final, 17-19.04.2025

Deepspot Challenge (slow)

The competition schedule in future editions is subject to change. The information in the Technical Regulations for the edition should be considered final.