In Deepspot, static meets deep.

Starting in 2020, we are hosting an original competition – Deepspot Challenge – a challenge you can take! Check out the details and join us!


Are you passionate about Freediving and have been diving for many years? Or have you just done the course and want to prove yourself?

We have specially created two starting groups – check which one you can start in!


Competitors such as:

Alena Konecna, Agata Załęcka, Agnieszka Kalska, Stefan Randig, Kateryna Sadurska, Sahika Ercumen, Vitomir Maricic, Magdalena Solich – Talanda and many others.

Deepspot Challenge is not only a sporting challenge, but also an opportunity to integrate the diving community and promote freediving in Poland.

Deepspot Challenge

We invite all freediving enthusiasts to an exciting competition that will take place in the world’s deepest diving conditions simulator – Deepspot! This is a unique opportunity to test your skills, immerse yourself in the diving world and take part in exciting competition.

Place: Deepspot, Warsaw

Why take part:

  1. Diving in the Most Modern Simulator: Deepspot is a unique place with multi-level diving zones, created for real enthusiasts of the underwater world.
  2. Competition for Professionals and Amateurs: Regardless of experience level, everyone has a chance to participate! The competition includes various categories, tailored to the skills of professionals and amateurs.
  3. Training by Instructors: Professional instructors will be available to provide support, advice and ensure that each participant feels confident during the competition.
  4. Expanded Classification with Prizes: Competitors will be judged in various categories, including depth, dive time and technical skills. Prizes are waiting for the winners!
  5. Integration of the Diving Community: Deepspot Challenge is also a great opportunity to meet other freediving enthusiasts, share experiences and strengthen ties in the diving community.

How to participate:

  • Register online at the Deepspot website.
  • Prepare a current medical certificate confirming that there are no contraindications to diving on held breath.
  • Prepare your skills and be ready to compete!

Experience Real Freediving in Poland!

Join us for the Deepspot Challenge and test your freediving skills in a unique environment. This is a unique event that is sure to provide unforgettable thrills and excitement underwater!

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