Ambassadors 3. edition of the Garmin Deepspot Challenge

Guest of Honor

My name is Aharon I am 1003 years old, I am currently in a relationship with Tommy my cat.

Over the past 3 decades, I have gathered a lot of information about a group of people attempting suicide by drowning (unsuccessfully) calling themselves Freedivers, and I am happy to share it.

She was introduced to freediving in 2012 and it has been a major part of her life to this day. Since 2015, she has been providing freediving training as part of the Freebody freediving and swimming school she founded. Currently, her main focus is training for intermediate to advanced level freediving athletes in remote (online) and face-to-face forms.
World record holder and bronze medalist in the Pool Freediving World Championships in 2021 in DYN and in 2022 in STA.
Polish record holder in pool and depth freediving competitions.
In her youth years, she was a multi-medalist at the Polish Championships and a member of the national team in swimming.
In addition to the athletic side of it, in freediving she is fascinated by experiencing a complete state of relaxation underwater – body and mind together.

The most successful Polish freediver:
7-time World Champion
13-time World Championships Medalist
11-time World Record Holder
3-time Winner of the N. Molchanova Award For the past 7 years she has achieved the best results in the world in the dynamic competitions of pool freediving.
She owes her success to her own determination, hard work and…. She owes her success to her own determination, hard work and…. her husband, who is her coach.
By education, she holds a doctorate in physical culture. Her doctoral dissertation entitled “The effect of diving on held breath on selected adaptive and cardioprotective mechanisms” was the first and so far the only one in Poland to address the topic of freediving in scientific research.
She is a crazy person by character and as she says: I smile at people – because I like it.

I have been involved in freediving for over 20 years. AIDA instructor, instructor-judge, competition organizer. Owner of Free2dive freediving center in Limassol, Cyprus. I have trained safety divers for the AIDA World Championships in depth and pool, and this year I will host the AIDA World Championships for the third time.

Stefan has been an active athlete since 2011 and has set 18 German national records in all depth disciplines, and in 2017 became the first German Freediver to break the 100m mark in Constant Weight. Stefan is passionate about the Constant Weight No Fins discipline and for the last 2 years has been ranked 6th in the AIDA world ranking in deep diving without fins.
Stefan is an AIDA Instructor Trainer with over 12 years of full-time teaching experience. He co-founded the freediving school “Freedive Panglao” and has organized and led Safety Divers at over 30 AIDA competitions. He currently resides in Dahab, Egypt, and specializes in instructor courses and provides technical coaching for freediving athletes of all levels.