Deepspot – Freediving League

The Freediving League is a brand new freediving competition formula, created by Deepspot – the deepest diving pool in Europe, following the success that the Deespot Challenge competition has become. Deepspot’s desire to further develop the freediving market gives another platform to compete by creating more reasons and opportunities to train regularly, and break personal records.

The Freediving League is 5 editions of competitions held on an annual basis (the final 5th edition is the Deepspot Challenge). Each edition involves two different competitions.

Deepspot has provided unique prizes for the winners. In every single edition, freedivers have the opportunity to win tickets to Deepspot. Details of the grand prize will be announced soon.

Who can participate?

It is enough to have: 18 years old and certified by an international organization (e.g., CMAS, AIDA, SSI, Apnea Academy, Molchanovs) to have passed level one training, which includes diving to depth. And on top of that, the desire and determination to: deepen, lengthen, calm down, make your freediving skills as effective and safe as possible!

We see you on the podium!

1st Edition Deepspot Freediving League

2nd Edition Deepspot Freediving League

3rd Edition Deepspot Freediving League

4th Edition Deepspot Freediving League

6th Edition Deepspot Freediving League


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