Deepspot Challenge


February 16-18, 2023, Deepspot

Welcome to the official website of the first FREEDIVING INDOOR COMPETITION IN POLAND!

The appearance of the World’s Deepest Multizone Simulator of Diving Conditions near Warsaw has opened up completely new opportunities for the development of the diving discipline of FREEDIVING. From November 2020, freedivers have the opportunity to dive with hold breath in perfect training conditions all year round! Warm, clear water, depth (45m45cm), space (8000m3 of water), ropes at various depths, large pool beach, new equipment, lecture halls – all this makes training even more enjoyable and effective!

Wishing to participate in the development of the sports discipline of freediving, the Deepspot Team announces the FIRST FREEDIVING INDOOR COMPETITION IN POLAND. In addition to providing a great training infrastructure, by organizing the competition, we want to create a platform for trying your own strength, setting personal goals, and participating in the freediving community that has experienced rapid growth in the last year.

We also want to make it easier for players to train by preparing special training packages.

We invite everyone who thinks of themselves as a freediver to take part in the competition: beginners and advanced people, certified and not certified, regularly training in Deepspot and those who have never visit us before. Let’s all get together for the great Freediving celebration!


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