Ambassadors 1. edition of the Deepspot Challenge


Multiple World Champion in Freediving

Holder of 33 world records in 9 Freediving disciplines

During the Deepspot Challenge, he will give a lecture titled “Back from the Abbys.”

AIDA and PADI freediving trainer instructor,

Multiple and current Polish record holder in freediving (including -101 meters deep CWT – 5th result among women in the world), AIDA freediving judge.

She has gained experience as an instructor, competitor and referee both in Poland and abroad, leading, among others. freediving center in Bali, or training and judging in the Philippines and Greece.

He also holds a PSAI Extended Range aqualung diving qualification.

professional freediver, freediving instructor, nutrition and diet expert.

After becoming interested in sports because of her asthma as a child, she has had a lot of success with water sports.

He has been competing in national and international competitions since 1998.

During this time, she won more than 100 medals, special awards and cups in swimming and underwater sports, and set national records and 8 official CMAS world records.

Şahika has participated in many commercials, films and social responsibility projects. He is currently focusing on social responsibility projects that include diving with the disabled, water conservation and endangered species.

World record holder and bronze medalist at the 2021 Pool Freediving World Championships in DYN.

Polish record holder in pool and depth freediving competitions.

In her youth years, she was a multi-medalist at the Polish Championships and a member of the national team in swimming.

She took up freediving in 2012, joined the national team in freediving in 2013 and is still an active competitor today. Since 2015, she has been providing freediving training as part of the Freebody freediving and swimming school she founded.

In addition to the athletic side of it, what fascinates her in freediving is experiencing a complete state of relaxation underwater – body and mind together.

World Champion,

Croatian freediving athlete, instructor and trainer of freediving instructors (Molchanovs, NAUI, AIDA, CMAS),multiple world record holder, president of AIDA Croatia and member of the Croatian national team and AIDA judge.

His personal records are: DYNBF 264, DNF 240, STA 8:52, CWTBF -97, CNF -77).

Vitomir is also a personal trainer for people with different sports profiles, and organizes expeditions and expeditions.

Vitomir is interested and highly skilled in many fields, such as water and mountain rescue, respiratory rehabilitation, apprenticeship, skydiving, car racing mountaineering.

Professional freediver
❤️ Freediving World Record Holder
🏆 CMAS and AIDA World champion
🐋 Czech National Record Holder
🧜🏽‍♀️ Underwater Model

2007 Vice World Champion AIDA DNF 
2011 World Champion AIDA CNF
2011 Vice World champion AIDA FIM
2012 Winner of Vertical Blue
2015 Vice World Champion AIDA in Team championships
2016 CMAS World Record CNF
2016 CMAS Vice World Champion CWT and CWT Bi-Fins
2021 AIDA new National Record in FIM