Deepspot Challenge Ambassadors

Martin Zajac

Guest of Honor

Founder of the APNEAMAN sports club and APNEAMAN and APNEAUTIC.

Graduate of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports at Charles University in Prague, coaching course.

Coach and member of the international freediving club APNEAMAN.

Slovakia’s representative in freediving, Top 10 athletes in the world from 2007-2011 and 2018.

Holder of many Slovak national records in CMAS and AIDA associations in the disciplines of DYN, DYN Bifins, DNF, FIM, CWT, CWT Bifins and CNF.

National coach of the Czech Republic from 2009 to 2017.

Awarded the title of “Best Trainer” by AIDA International in 2011.

Coach and trainer of 2018 World Champion Alessia Zecchina.

From 2020, the coach of World Champion Jennifer Wendalnd.

Apnea Academy Instructor # IS08CZ4330.

Apnea Academy instructor training in “Advanced Equalization” and “Variable & No Limit”.

NAUI Instructor # 47397, CMAS Dive Master, CMAS Oxygen Provider.

Trainer and coach in a mental training project for exposed employees and teams.