Competitors taking part in the competition will be divided into two groups, which will be conventionally named: profi and non-profi. The competitor himself decides about the selection of the group in which he wants to compete. Provided that the requirements specific to a specific group are met (details in the Regulations).

Competition is about diving (in any way: FIM, CWT, CNF, etc.) to the set depth (44 meters in the profi group or 20 meters in the non-profi group), emersion to a depth of no more than 2 meters and continuing the dive in the form of underwater statics. The winner is the competitor whose dive will last the longest.

In case of not reaching the set depth, the competitor will receive penalty points. After emersion, the Surface Protocol is similar to the AIDA procedure.


Participants of the main Garmin Deepspot Challenge competition will have an additional opportunity to take part in the Deepspot AIDA Mini-Comp held in accordance with the AIDA International regulations. The results achieved in the Mini-Comp will not be included in the final classification of the Deepspot Challenge, but will be included in the official AIDA ranking. You can choose one from all four depth disciplines (CWT, CWTB, CNF and FIM). The AIDA Mini-Comp Deepspot will take place on Thursday, February 17 (i.e. on the day of the official training) from 18:00. The maximum depth that can be declared is 44 meters, therefore the Mini-Comp is intended mostly for beginners and intermediate freedivers. Especially for those who would like to get acquainted with the specifics of the AIDA competitions. Nevertheless, we invite all competitors of the Deepspot-Challenge to participate. Participation in the AIDA Mini-Comp Deepspot does not involve any additional fees and is not obligatory.