Ambassadors of the 2nd Deepspot Challenge

Guest of Honor

Miguel Lozano is a professional freediver who specialises in depth disciplines. He took silver medals twice in two of the three depth disciplines (Constant No Fins and Free Immersion) in the AIDA World Depth Championships in Cyprus in 2015.
In 2016 he performed a 122 metres Free Immersion dive at the Caribean Cup Competition in the Roatán (Honduras), an achievement that today ranks him as the third deepest person in the world in this discipline, just 4 metres short of the current world record (-126m) He was also the first Spaniard to reach a depth of 100mts in Constant Weight (CWT) and 83mts in Constant No Fins (CNF).

In 2012 in Bahamas and years later in 2016 in Bali, and Roatan in 2018, Miguel Lozano attempted the World Record in Free Immersion diving down to -122 meters in Bahamas and -123 meters in Bali and 125m in Honduras.

World record holder and bronze medalist of the 2021 Freediving Pool World Championships at DYN.

Polish record holder in swimming pool and deep freediving competitions.

In her youth, she was a multimedia player at the Polish Championships and a member of the national swimming team.

She started freediving in 2012, in 2013 she joined the national team in freediving and is an active player to this day. Since 2015, she has been conducting freediving training as part of the Freebody freediving and swimming school she founded.

In addition to its sporty side, in freediving she is fascinated by experiencing a complete state of relaxation under water – body and mind together.

Professional freediver
❤️ Freediving World Record Holder
🏆 CMAS and AIDA World champion
🐋 Czech National Record Holder
🧜🏽‍♀️ Underwater Model

2007 Vice World Champion AIDA DNF 
2011 World Champion AIDA CNF
2011 Vice World champion AIDA FIM
2012 Winner of Vertical Blue
2015 Vice World Champion AIDA in Team championships
2016 CMAS World Record CNF
2016 CMAS Vice World Champion CWT and CWT Bi-Fins
2021 AIDA new National Record in FIM

She could swim before she could talk as a baby, used to be a competitive synchro swimmer as a kid. Fatima stopped doing sports when was 16 years old and started to live a very unhealthy life, she weight almost 110 kg.  Freediving found her, she fell in love again with the water. She has lost 40 kgs and after 11 months of training in Dahab Fatima became the first Hungarian world champion in the history of freediving with a 81m fim dive. She has learned mouthfill after diving below 80m with reverse packing as an aida 3 diver. She is an Aida instructor but doing just coaching sessions. In 2020 Fatima was ranked number 1 in the world in overall depth disciplines (AIDA). She has been in the top 10 female athletes since her first year of freediving and was invited to VB every year and thanks to her new sponsors finally this summer will compete there.

Multiple Champion and World Record Holder in pool disciplines of freediving.

Doctor of Physical Culture Sciences.

Sport is everpresent in her life. She owes her successes to her own determination, hard work and … her husband, who is her trainer.

A crazy character, as she herself says: “I smile to people – because I like it”.